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Our Process

Our EETS process goes beyond labeling symptoms, prescribing pills, and categorizing conditions into a single problem such as “hormone imbalance.”  We truly take a comprehensive approach to your total well-being, recognizing that every body system is connected to every other body system.  We do not believe in attempting to treat one system and ignoring the rest of you.  As one body system begins to heal, another may show symptoms.  Our Process is meant to support you throughout your healing journey and beyond.


We complete a thorough evaluation by obtaining a comprehensive medical history, physical exam, and labs. This is an ongoing process as your health will change throughout your treatment.


We will assist you to treat your imbalances utilizing an Integrative treatment plan, incorporating diet, lifestyle, supplement and medication adjustments as indicated.


We believe that our role is health educator, and this means providing you with the knowledge you need to fully understand your body - how it got there and what you can do to change your health.


We offer a variety of support options to guide you along the way, including: group visits, a private Facebook Group, monthly newsletters & referrals to our trusted partners.

Resolve Unwanted Symptoms

Even “healthy” people encounter symptoms, illness and toxic exposures that can create a state of dis-ease that needs to be evaluated and treated. Our process is a streamlined approach that can be utilized at any time to help you resolve unwanted symptoms.


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