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Healing the Whole Person

The goal of Functional Medicine is to look for the root cause of your symptoms and bring the body back to a state of balance. Our focus is to help you reach your optimal state of wellness by treating you as a whole person.

Discover how good you can feel! 

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What makes us different?

We Listen

During your initial visit we spend two hours listening to your health history and learning about your symptoms, lifestyle, diet and stressors.  The purpose of this visit is to learn all about you, establish a relationship and uncover your wellness goals.

We Partner With You

Your wellness goals are our priority.  We partner with you on your health journey, helping you understand and address your symptoms.   Our personalized approach empowers you by educating you regarding your imbalances and developing a personalized plan to help you meet your goals.

Cutting Edge Labs

Conventional lab testing normally ordered when you go to the doctor focuses on diagnosing a disease, but many people without any diagnosable disease still don't feel well even though their labs are "in the normal range."  Functional lab testing is different because it helps evaluate imbalances in physiology on a spectrum of health, with a focus on optimizing levels to help you feel your best.  Insurance billed blood draws are available, as well as at home collection by blood spot, saliva, urine and stool samples.