Functional Medicine

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The Problem

As healthcare costs continue to rise in this country, people are becoming sicker and sicker.  Our medical system is primarily focused on chronic disease management and treatment of symptoms with medications, instead of prevention and disease reversal.  

While these medications may be appropriate for acute problems like broken bones or infectious illness, they do not address the root causes of chronic illness. In order to achieve good outcomes for the most common conditions in this nation like heart disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity we need lifestyle change and functional balance, not more and more medications.


Our broken medical system often leaves patients feeling frustrated, hopeless and afraid, but there is hope, you just have to have a different model.

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The Solution

The focus of the functional medicine model is to uncover and address the underlying causes of common chronic conditions — hormone imbalance, weight gain, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, chronic inflammation and digestive issues, to name a few. 


Functional medicine offers the potential to help you experience unprecedented levels of health and wellbeing, as well as financial savings, freeing you from your dependence on costly medications that are not designed to address the root causes of your symptoms.

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A New Way of Thinking

Functional medicine offers us a new way of thinking about chronic disease.   No long do we see disease through the lens of simply bad luck or bad genetics.


Instead of only focusing on masking symptoms with medications, this approach focuses on addressing the factors that led you to become ill in the first place. 

We use a variety of research backed treatment approaches including lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and bio-identical hormone replacement to restore balance and resolve symptoms naturally.  


Discover just how good you can feel with Elevate Functional Medicine.