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Do any of these sound like you?

  • Overwhelmed with the process of dieting and exercise

  • Lack energy and motivation

  • Manage emotions with food

  • Movement is hard to prioritize

  • Believe self-care is a luxury, not a necessity 

  • Feel like it’s all or nothing

  • Do not have the time to prioritize your health and wellness

  • Feel stuck

If these are some of the things you struggle with then you could benefit from a coach!

helathy food, health coaching,Elevate Functional Medicine
Individual Coaching 
  • 10 individual weekly sessions, 30 - 45 min each

  • Move through the coaching process with time for individualized recommendations and goal setting

  • Privately work through behaviors that are keeping you stuck

Working out,  helath coaching, Elevate Functional Medicine
Group Coaching
  • Weekly group sessions with 3-6 individuals, 60-90 min each 

  • More affordable than Individual Coaching

  • Create a community and support system to rely on between sessions

  • Share and learn about personal experiences to promote success

Benefits of Health Coaching

Coaches help you reduce and cope with stress, when we are regulated then our brains are able to process new information efficiently making it easier to make healthy choices that are in line with our goals.


A coach can help you filter through all the information out there regarding diet and exercise and find a plan that works best for you that is sustainable and effective.


A source of motivation and accountability. We often know what to do, we just don't always do it. Having a health coach will not only keep you accountable but they will help you uncover your true motivating factor that will keep you on track.


Having a coach is beneficial because they can help you identify triggers and get curious about behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

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