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Frequent Asked Questions

  • How are you different from other medical offices?
    Our providers at Elevate Functional Medicine all have unique training in both conventional medical specialties, as well as advanced integrative medical training. Gina Ditta-Donahue is a certified family nurse practitioner who also has completed an advanced certification with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). This means that we have all the same training, rights and capabilities of all other conventional medical providers regarding writing prescriptions, ordering labs, diagnostic testing and making referrals to specialists if needed and additionally are specially trained to assist you in identifying the root causes of your imbalance. To accomplish this they assess and look at lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, stress levels and the health of your relationships, taking ample time to listen to your complete history. After taking time to consider all factors, you leave your appointment with a detailed and personalized treatment plan, utilizing approaches that help you truly build a foundation of healing and wellness.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Elevate Functional Medicine is an out of network provider. This means we do not accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Payment is due at the time of service via credit card, HSA/FSA card, cash or check. Patients can be given a receipt that clearly identifies the appropriate service codes (CPT) and diagnostic codes (ICD-10) that they can send into their insurance company for possible reimbursement based on their individual insurance coverage and deductible. There may be services provided that do not carry a CPT code or are not covered by insurance such as health coaching, supplements, nutritional IV therapy or aesthetic services. You can use the company Reimbursify to help you file out-of- network claims to your insurance provider for faster reimbursement. ​ Conventional labs can be billed directly to your insurance by the lab company (Lab Corp) or paid directly to Elevate at a discounted rate if you do not have lab benefits or if you have a high insurance deductible/co-insurance. ​ For more financial resources visit here.
  • Why do I have to be seen for two hours for the initial visit?
    All of your appointments are spent face to face with your provider. We need to a lot enough time with you to provide the most comprehensive, thorough and effective care possible. Your life experiences, descriptions of your symptoms and health history as you remember it are just as important to us as your lab results, previous clinical diagnosis, and vital signs. We need time to listen to you because we believe that you know yourself best. This approach allows us to not just treat symptoms, but to truly get to the root cause of illness. That being said, everyone's medical history is varied in complexity so your initial visit may range anywhere from an hour to 2 hours in office.
  • How long are appointments after that?
    After your initial intake appointment, your follow-up visits are between thirty minutes to one hour, depending upon what is needed. If we schedule more time than is used you will not be charged for the full amount. If you end up using more time than is scheduled you will be charged according to the amount of time used.
  • What is your policy regarding missed appointments?
    No Show: If you do not keep your scheduled appointment and fail to notify the office of your need to cancel or reschedule you will be responsible for the full cost of your scheduled visit. The fee will not be applied to any future visit. Cancellations: If you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment we ask that you notify us as soon as you can to take you off of the schedule and make that appointment slot available to another patient. Failure to notify us of your need to cancel or reschedule your appointment within 48 business hours of your scheduled appointment will result in a no-show fee. The charge for a cancelled or rescheduled appointment will be 50% of the cost of the scheduled appointment. The fee will not be applied to any future visit. If you cancel more than 48 business hours from your appointment date/time there is no fee and you are entitled to full reimbursement of pre-paid funds. It is mandatory that all new patients complete their initial functional medicine questionnaires and consents at least 48 hours before their scheduled appointment time. Your provider requires this information in order to complete your medical history review prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do not complete your intake paperwork in this time frame it may result in a need to reschedule your appointment and a cancellation fee.
  • What happens if I am late for my scheduled visit?
    As soon as you know you are going to be late for a scheduled appointment please call to notify the office. If you are more than 15 minutes late it will be up to the provider's discretion whether you will be able to be seen that day or if you need to reschedule. If the provider is able to see you, please be aware the visit will likely be abbreviated due to the lateness but full price will be charged. If you need to be rescheduled, a missed appointment fee may be charged.
  • Do I still need to maintain a relationship with a primary care provider and other medical specialists?
    We have a unique focus on integrative and functional medicine, and ​we do not see patients for acute conditions, urgencies or emergencies. We recommend you have an in network primary care provider to address your primary and urgent care needs in a more immediate way. For true emergencies, please go immediately to your nearest emergency room. If you have been prescribed medications by another doctor, you should continue to have them to refill those medications. We are happy to collaborate with outside medical providers involved in your care, however if you want us to release medical information to other providers you must first complete a medical release form. You are always welcome to consult with us after seeing your primary care doctor or other specialists to get a bigger view of alternative diagnostic and treatment options and approaches.
  • Do you see children?
    We can see children 16 and older. If you would like functional medicine services for children who are younger than 16, please contact The M Center in Roswell. ​ Please read our Notice of Privacy Polices to learn more about how we keep your protected health information safe.
  • Do you offer payment support?
    We accept cash, check, and credit cards, as well as FSA and HSA cards as payment for all consults and services. We do not bill directly to insurance, however we can provide you with a super bill which you can submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Below are additional financial resources to help you. Advance Care has been a leading provider of patient financing solutions since 2008. they work to provide patients the most affordable options to finance their procedures or treatment plans. Their programs provide affordable monthly payments with flexible terms. For those with good to excellent credit, Advance Care combines interest free financing with the payment flexibility you are looking for. Reimbursify makes it easy to file out-of- network claims to your insurance provider for faster reimbursement. Simply upload your insurance information into the Reimbursify app, find your ordering provider, and follow the prompts to submit all of your out-of-network claims including office visits, lab charges and wellness services. Good Rx can help you save on prescription drugs expenses. Use the app to search current prices for your prescriptions at pharmacies close to you. You can also download free coupons that can help you save. eFundYourHealthis a crowdfunding resource intended to expand the reach of integrative medicine services. Check out the website to learn how you can get support to cover uninsured expenses through donations and grant funds.
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