Gina Ditta-Donahue,  FNP-C, ABAAHP

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Anti-Aging provider specializing in hormone balance, gut health, anti-aging skin care and hair loss solutions.


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Digestive Health

How did you get your start in Anti-Aging Medicine?


Before I became a Family Nurse Practitioner, I worked as a registered nurse for 21 years in various settings.  I worked in the hospital for many years helping children, teens & adults deal with psychological trauma.  Much of my time was spent supporting and educating both patients and their families.  Seeing a lack of helpful tools for young children and their parents, I wrote and published a children's book on anger management. 


Eventually I moved to clinic nursing and worked with individuals suffering from liver or kidney disease and cancer.  For fun, I found the time to work in aesthetics  and performed laser hair removal in Beverly Hills, treated spider veins, started my own holistic nursing company & became a yoga instructor.


The more experience I gained working with people of all ages in various settings, the more I realized how much they were being failed by conventional medicine.  It saddened me that once I left the hospital and psychological care, there was no longer any emphasis placed on speaking with people to find out how they were really doing or to provide appropriate education.  It became clear to me that I needed to achieve a higher degree so that I could provide the kind of care that I believe people deserve. 


As a Nurse Practitioner I have worked in Gastroenterology, Family Practice & Aesthetics.    Although I have always practiced from a holistic perspective, completing the fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine really helped me learn how to tie everything together. My passion is to truly listen to my patients and form a partnership so together we can get to the root cause of their issues.


After years of being led in circles, Gina Donahue has given me immediate results in my health. She just didn’t treat my symptoms, she looked at my overall health. Have never felt better in my life. Would recommend to anyone!!

What is your philosophy of health & healing?


Poor health leads to chronic inflammation which can manifest as a multitude of different symptoms.  Internal imbalances can lead to rapid aging, chronic skin conditions, hair loss, gut symptoms and mood changes. I think of dis-ease as our body’s language telling us that something is not working quite right.  By understanding this language, we can give the body what it needs to get back on track.


Individuals are not just a set of symptoms or a diagnosis, they are whole and complete beings.  An appropriate approach to healing honors the whole person and encourages mental health, spiritual health and physical health.   


I believe that people want to feel good, and that with education and support they can take control of their symptoms and make changes to sustain improved well being.


Who is your ideal patient?


My ideal patient is anyone interested in healing the body from the inside out.  I especially love to work with men & women suffering from digestive/gut issues, hormone imbalance, hair loss and aging skin.  


I also work with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, food sensitivites & weight gain. Procedures I perform in the office include ProCell microchanneling & PRP treatments to the face, body or scalp.

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