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Transforming medicine by putting patients first.

More than your average medical practice

After your Initial Functional Medicine Assessment, you’ll pick the plan that allows you the level of care you need. Working together with your care team, we will develop a plan – including nutrition, natural medicines, exercise, mind-body and more – that is customized to your lifestyle & needs. We’re there for you when you need additional support, recipe recommendations, a kick in the pants and our continuous collaboration allows for frequent updates to your health plan based on your progress.


Focused on the why

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Proper health comes from close, continuous collaboration with your health care team. Often times there is not just one root-cause of your concerns, as your body is all interconnected – when one system slows down it can impact the rest. Finding and correcting all the pieces to your puzzle takes time and dedication from both you, and your care team. And while natural methods, and lifestyle interventions are the best way to reverse and prevent disease they often need more time to work to get you back to feeling like yourself again. Our care plans allow the time and space for your success.

An option for everyone

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