Meet Our Team


Physician Assistant

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Clinically I focus on hormone balance, thyroid disorders, digestive dysfunction, autoimmunity, and conditions related to chronic stress. I take an integrative approach to women's health focusing on you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit. I approach lifestyle change with the understanding that our habits make sense when we look at them through a lens of compassion and curiosity.  I help women learn to trust their bodies and intuition so they can experience lasting health and wellbeing. 

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Family Nurse Practitioner

Certified Anti-Aging Practitioner

Gina is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Anti-Aging provider specializing in hormone balance, gut health, thyroid issues and anti-aging skin care solutions.  She enjoys seeing men and women who are motivated

to feel better.
Gina's goal is to partner with you on your health journey to wellness. If you are tired of the one-sided traditional medical approach to wellness then  partner with Gina.  She will take a personalized and multi-faceted  approach to help

you feel your best.

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Olivia Elliott

Clinic Manager

New Patient Coordinator

Health Coach

I have experience as a medical assistant, personal trainer and health coach.  My current role at Elevate as office manager is dedicated to making sure the clinic runs smoothly.  I also handle new patient scheduling and care coordination.