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Recharge your Health and Energy

It's September, and here in Georgia, the kids have been back to school for about one month. In other areas of the country, school is just starting. The energy it takes to ensure all areas in life are covered for oneself and their family is tremendous, to say the least. What happens if you don’t take a moment to focus and recharge? The reserves get zapped.

Think about the battery on your phone or computer. Once the built-up battery energy is used, what happens? The phone or computer powers off. This can happen to our health because the body will be moving through the day-to-day necessary activities on autopilot, and fatigue and exhaustion start to set in.

When the body’s energy starts getting used up and running low, serious health issues can start. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Below we will discuss two ways to recharge your battery.


One way to recharge the body’s battery and energy is through massage. Massage gives the body a reset through homeostasis, a stabilization of the physiological balance of the body. Massage therapy is an excellent and powerful treatment that helps decrease stress and benefits all human body systems. Massage influences the balance of hormones, circulation, and lymphatic flow so that the body can function as intended.

In a blocked, randomized control trial study, it was seen that massage therapy could significantly increase subjective relaxation while decreasing subjective stress, helping to alleviate physical and psychological tension (Meier et al., 2020). Decreasing stress and allowing the body to reset is necessary for a recharged battery and a happy, productive home and work life.


Ensuring you are centered is vital to happiness and productivity. Starting the day with a concentrated deep breathing routine is a great way to ground the body and prepare for what the day has scheduled and presents.

  • Start with a calm and quiet space.

  • Tune out what is going on around you.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Start by taking a deep breath and allowing your stomach to expand, allowing your diaphragm space to move.

  • Continue by doing a set of 10 deep breaths.

  • Now, continue your day!


Meier, M., Unternaehrer, E., Dimitroff, S. J., Benz, A. B., Bentele, U. U., Schorpp, S. M., Wenzel, M., & Pruessner, J. C. (2020). Standardized massage interventions as protocols for the induction of psychophysiological relaxation in the laboratory: A block randomized, controlled trial. Scientific Reports, 10(1).

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