Rabia Vaughns, MMS, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant, specializing in functional medicine, integrative women's health and conditions linked to chronic stress.

Clinical Specialties 

Functional Medicine Assessment

Women's Health

Hormone Balance 

Hashimoto's & Thyroid Disorders

Digestive Dysfunction

Food Sensitivities

Stress Based Illness

Anxiety & Depression

Chronic Fatigue

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How did you get your start in functional medicine?

Before I went to school to become a physician assistant I worked in public health and was very passionate about preventing disease and promoting health. I struggled with my own health conditions and became increasing disillusioned with the medical system's ability to help me.  I made the decision to go to school to pursue a career in medicine because I was determined to learn how to make people truly well.  


Unfortunately, I was really disheartened when I graduated because I realized the only thing I really learned in my training was how to name diagnosis and tame the symptoms with medications.  This approach sometimes gave people symptom relief but it rarely cultivated the deep healing that I craved for my patients.  


I got my start in functional medicine about a decade ago after attending a local training. I knew I had found what I had been looking for.  I used what I was learning to help myself get to the root cause of my own health issues and since then I have continued to practice both the art and the science of functional medicine.


Rabia looks for and addresses the causes of chronic disease. She has helped me understand the role inflammation and vitamin deficiencies have on my health. Rabia is a gem, and she will help guide you on your wellness journey. I feel better than I have in years. She will affect your life in ways you simply cannot even imagine

What is your philosophy of health and healing?

I consider health to be our natural state. The body, mind and spirit are like a system. This system craves balance and is always working to achieve that goal.  Symptoms of illness appear as a way to alert you to an imbalance in the system.  


Many things can create imbalance like a diet of processed food, lack of movement, high stress, lack of sleep, and social isolation.  The good news is that much of what drives disease or promotes health is within our control to change. We can begin to listen to the symptoms and use them as a guide to steer us back to health.  


The simple goal is to identify and remove factors that drive illness, as well as recognize factors that promote health, but may be currently lacking.

Who is your ideal patient?

My ideal patient is anyone who is frustrated and fed up with feeling sick and ready to take the steps necessary to begin a path of healing.  I especially love to work with women who are dealing with hormonal issues, mood symptoms, stress related conditions and digestive issues.